Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services
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You do important work - but it's a tough job.

  • You need honest risk information
  • You have to navigate hard conversations
  • You need data to show you are effective
  • You have limited time and budgets...

RAAPS is a risk screening system developed especially for
the needs of young people...and professionals (like you)!

The Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services© RAAPS

Building a bridge between you and your preteen, teen, and young adult population - RAAPS has transformed risk screening for young people and professionals alike through:

  • Use of technology - this age group respond more honestly than face-to-face or paper-based surveys
  • Counseling tools for professionals - which support even the most difficult risk behavior discussions
  • Easy to use reports - which allow you to measure improvements over time and identify risk trends in your population at the click of a button

Teens don't always share. But they will RAAP.

If you work with youth, you will appreciate how easy it is to RAAP.

  • Designed especially for 9 to 24 year olds (with their input!)
  • Can be completed online in just minutes with minimal disruption to your workflow
  • Evidence-based counseling messages help you build more meaningful, two-way communication
  • Immediate access to reports on risk data - both at the individual and population level
  • Fast and easy to get started - no installation required
  • Intuitive interface for professionals - minimizing downtime for training

Identify Risks. Improve Outcomes. Change Lives!

I used to dread coming up with a way to discuss at risk behaviors. The RAAPS gives me a way to not only bring it up, but identify risky behaviors that warrant intervention.

Since using the online version, I receive more "risky" answers than when I was verbally asking.

We were able to screen almost 300 students and have the data instantly at our fingertips. It's a great tool.

Organized in a way that is easy to review and counsel on risk behaviors. Online version allows for tracking to be used for future needs assessments and targeting adolescents for group discussions.

RAAPS puts sensitive topics right out on the table for discussion and helps teens feel more comfortable discussing topics that impact greatly on their overall health.

Quick, hits the main risk factors; patients understand it. Convenient for providers. We can use it with episodic visits, not just physical examinations.

RAAPS makes discussing sensitive subjects less embarrassing for patients and staff. It also ensures that no risk areas are left un-assessed.

RAAPS is a very important tool that I use in my assessment. It assists in developing a relationship and trust with my patients.

Concise. Opens the door to risk discussions without having to ask each question verbally.

I love the reports in web based, great for determining greatest risks and care we provided to address them.

RAAPS has very specific questions for adolescents. We find out so many are being threatened in school and have thoughts of suicide that we did not know were having these issues.

We used to use the GAPS. The problem is the GAPS is very time consuming. RAAPS allows us to address the same risk behaviors, but has decreased the time teens need to complete the survey and the time to review.

RAAPS allows for a more thorough risk assessment on EVERY adolescent.

RAAPS has given me a starting point with students that I am unfamiliar with.

RAAPS is an easy way to assess for a range of behaviors that would be difficult to ask about in a more open-ended format without taking a great deal of time.

RAAPS makes it easier for me to come right out and ask the questions I am thinking. I think it is easier for the students to answer honestly, too.

Computerized format seems to appeal to teens; questions are straight-forward and easy to answer.

The length of the survey is not intimidating to teens. I like that you can document counseling right on the form.

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RAAPS is used Worldwide to Identify and Improve Risk Behaviors

1,934 Organizations Across USA

(as of 12/31/2013)


2,061 Organizations Worldwide

(as of 12/31/2013)
Czech Republic
Great Britain
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka
United Arab
United Kingdom
United States Minor
Outlying Islands
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